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 Younger Kazzies

Younger Kazzies

One important outcome from the 2016 KCA conference in Brisbane was the unanimous support shown for encouraging and inspiring younger people with Kastellorizian ancestry and their friends to connect with their heritage.


It has been proposed to boost the involvement of younger people by:

  • Encouraging the formation of networks across the generations within and outside Australia of younger Kazzies and their friends
  • Supporting the formation of Younger Kazzie groups within each state Association leading to the formation of a National KCA Younger Kazzies group
  • Allowing younger Kazzies to influence future KCA direction and vision
  • Establishing a connection between Australia and Kastellorizo as bilateral tourism destinations and student cultural exchange programs
  • Supporting formation of mentor programs to give the youth of both Australia and Greece opportunities in order to be inspired to be better future leaders. This could be achieved through mentoring programs and cultural exchanges
  • Supporting younger people in developing business, professional and vocational career networking opportunities across Australia, Asia and Europe

Encouraging and Inspiring Younger People with Kastellorizian Ancestry