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Kastellorizian Council of Australia

Our Mission

To inspire and unite organisations and connect people of Kastellorizian ancestry & friends across Australia and promote their heritage.

Our Vision

Inspiring all organisations and generations to explore, value and build on their Kastellorizian heritage on a global scale.

Our Core Values

Passion: Inspiring current and future generations.
Excellence: Aiming for the highest organisational standards.
Integrity: Transparency and accountability in decision making and always acting for the greater good and not out of individual or self-interest.

Respect: Uplift the communities and groups that we have contact with and promote inclusiveness whilst respecting their individuality and self-determination.

Synergy: Spirit of co-operation where together, we achieve more than any one of us could alone.

Inspiring all organisations and generations to explore, value and build on their Kastellorizian heritage on a global scale.

The Aims of this Association

To promote the heritage of decendants from the island of Kastellorizo, Greece in Australia and to encourage participation by all States and Territories of Australia in a National Organisation;
To offer assistance when requested and where appropriate to each affiliated member organisation;
To do such things as are necessary to advance and promote Australian Kastellorizians;

To promote the heritage of the descendants of the island of Kastellorizo through social, cultural and religious activities;

To recognise and respect the Constitutions of each member Affiliate;

To promote and encourage loyalty and patriotism to the Commonwealth of Australia, the obedience of its Laws are with respect for its history and traditions;

To consult and work closely with people of Kastellorizian decent of all generations;

To apply the collective resources (except financial) and skills of the member organisations of the member organisations of the KCA towards achieving its primary objectives;

To foster a strong and effective communication between all member Affiliates and to communicate the KCA activities to all interested parties in an open and proactive and informative manner;

To convene at least one physical annual Council meeting, and convene others as deemed necessary from time to time, by whatever means chosen by the KCA;

To liase and collaborate with all Australian Greek International Bodies which share similar objectives…

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