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Where is Kastellorizo island (Kazzie)? 2016-08-30T23:32:01+00:00

Kastellorizo is the eastern most Greek island in the Mediterranean sea, less than 3km off the south-west coast of Turkey and about 110km south-east of the Greek island Rhodes (Rodos). It is 6km long and 3km wide and forms part of the Greek Dodecanese islands group. 

The Greek Dodecanese Islands are composed of twelve major islands: Astipalea, Leros, Simi, Nissiros, Kalimnos, Karpathos, Kastellorizo, Kos, Patmos, Rhodes, Tilos and Kassos. Kastellorizo is the smallest island of the Dodecanese.

Why is there a strong link between Kastellorizo and Australia? 2016-08-30T23:31:24+00:00

Following a number of events on the Greek island of Kastellorizo in the last one hundred or so years including the first and second world wars, many Kastellorizians migrated to Australia in search of a better life and for a number of generations, have called Australia home.

What is the history of Kastellorizo? 2016-08-30T23:34:59+00:00

In ancient times, the island was called Megisti after its founder, a Cretan Prince called Megisteas. Its present name – Kastellorizo was given by the medieval Crusaders and was inspired by the red rocks on which the Knights’ Castle, Castel Rosso, was built.

The island came under Turkish rule in 1522. Kastellorizo was occupied by the French during the First World War. The island was ceded to Italy in 1921. When the Italians surrendered to the allies in 1943, the British ruled the island until 1944 when the Germans took control. After the war, the British military forces reigned on the island. Kastellorizo was returned to Greece in 1948.

What is the website address for my Kazzie association in my state? 2018-02-08T01:08:01+00:00

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Why was a national body formed and what are its benefits? 2016-08-30T23:33:12+00:00

Please refer to our aims, mission and vision statements.
There are benefits in various organisations with common purpose synergising and some of these benefits are flowing to the state clubs and associations already.

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