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Going Back to Our Roots

On behalf of the Kastellorizian Council of Australia 2019 Conference Organizing Committee we cordially invite you to Sydney, NSW.

Our conference will be a forum for discussion, exchange of knowledge and experiences in a friendly environment at the Bonnie Doon Golf Club Pagewood, one of Sydney’s best golf courses and one of the oldest in Australia.

The theme for this year’s conference is GOING BACK TO OUR ROOTS. The program is organised in a thematic stream of presentations focusing on migration, migrant populations, diasporas and the wider impact of human mobility.

In GOING BACK TO OUR ROOTS, we remember those who have gone before us. When we move away from our homeland and on to “bigger and better things”, we often forget who we are and where we came from. Instead of forgetting where we came from let’s embrace it, embrace the tiny island Castellorizo, our ancestral home, affectionately known as the “Rock”.

Our conference program will comprise invited talks and presentations, exhibitions and documentary film screenings, one of which in particular will be screened for the first time in Australia.

The History and Archives Committee of the Castellorizian Association of NSW will be launching a new book, Castellorizian Migration Stories. Castellorizians in NSW were invited to share their personal or family story of migration and immigration. The book is full of photos, tales and anecdotes that tell the stories of where they came from, what shaped their lives and the importance of friendship. These stories are an important part of our heritage.

We welcome your participation in this conference and look forward to seeing you in Sydney, connecting with other delegates at the various presentations, documentary film screenings and exhibitions and at the Welcome and Gala Dinners.

Mr George Pizanis, Ms Victoria Kazaglis -Gallagher, Ms Anna Koutsis, Ms Patricia Sechos.

The Kastellorizian Council of Australia 2019 Conference Organising Committee.


The following speakers have accepted our
invitation to speak at the conference.

Dr Nicholas G Pappas AM.
Dr Nicholas G Pappas AM.
Lawyer, published author on Castellorizian History and past President of the Castellorizian Club, NSW.
Mr Costa Vertzayias AM.
Mr Costa Vertzayias AM.
Consultant Lawyer, writer and past President of the Castellorizian Club, NSW. Chairman of the Foundation for Hellenic Studies (UNSW).
Ms Anna Koutsis
Ms Anna Koutsis
Consultant Audiologist, published author in Audiology and Migrant Welfare.
History and Archives Committee, Castellorizian Association of NSW.
Ms Victoria Kazaglis-Gallagher
Ms Victoria Kazaglis-Gallagher
Faculty member, Catholic Education Office, Sydney. Member, Board of Directors Castellorizian Association of NSW. History and Archives Committee, Castellorizian Association of NSW.
Ms Marilyn Tsolakis
Ms Marilyn Tsolakis
Coordinator of Friends of Kastellorizo. Her professional background is in Education, specialising in English and Literature.
Ms Michele Kiosoglous
Ms Michele Kiosoglous
Lawyer, published author on a series of children’s stories books on Kastellorizo. Her work involves resolving commercial, tax, property, succession and aviation matters.


DAY 1 – FRIDAY 25 JANUARY 2019 –
Bonnie Doon Golf Club

10:30 am    Mr George Pizanis  –  President of Kastellorizian Council of Australia and President of the Castellorizian Association of NSW

10:45 am    Dr Nicholas Pappas AM  –  Castellorizo in the 19th and 20th Century. An experience through unpublished photos and documents  – Discussion

11:30 am    My Little Kastellorizo  –  screening of documentary film.

12:15 pm    Lunch Break    (Lunch included at Bonnie Doon Golf Club)

1:30 pm    Ms Victoria Kazaglis-Gallagher  –  Castellorizian Migration Stories: An insight into Castellorizian families of Sydney Presentation and Book Launch.

2:00 pm    Ms Anna Koutsis  –  Farewell to Anatolia, Exile from LIvissi and presentation of documentary film –  “Sorrow – Homeland of Separateness”

3:00 pm

Ms Patricia Sechos  –   ‘It’s All Greek to Me’ – Presentation of the artworks of Maud Guterstam, on the Greek islands and specifically Castellorizo.

Mr John Barbouttis  –  Celebrating the artwork of mother and daughter. Exhibition by artists Karen Barbouttis and Antoinette Barbouttis.

7:00 pm    Welcome  Dinner , Yiamas Greek Taverna  –  1/1-5 Princes Hwy, St Peters (Cnr May street and Princes Highway)

Bonnie Doon Golf Club

10:30 am    Mr Costa Vertzayias  –  Castellorizian History Revisited  Discussion          

11:30 am     Youth Representative  –  My Castellorizian Heritage Konnor Panselinos & George Peter Calopedos

12 noon       Michele Kiosoglou  –  Greek Property Law recent changes

12:30 pm    Lunch Break   (Bonnie Doon Golf Club)

1:30 pm    Ms Victoria Kazaglis-Gallagher  –  Kastellorizian Heroes and Characters  –  Discussion

2:00 pm    Ms Marilyn Tsolakis  –  Friends of Kastellorizo – A current insight into the project

2:15 pm   Kastellorizian Council of Australia Meeting

5:30 pm     Departure by coach from St Spyridon Church, Gardeners Rd, Kingsford to Dockside Cockle Bay Wharf, Wheat Rd, Sydney.

6:30 pm     Arrival at Dockside Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney.

7:00 pm   Dockside Gala Dinner Dance

11:45 pm   Departure by coach from Dockside to St Spyridon Church, Kingsford.


9:00 am     Church Service, St Spyridon Church Kingsford  –  At the conclusion of the service there will be a viewing by Mr George Pizanis and Mr Nick Anastasas of the Castellorizian Association Site in progress (optional).

11:45 am    Mr Nicholas Malaxos  –  Visit and Guided Tour to St. Sophia Church Darlinghurst (optional).  Departure by coach from St Spyridon Church.